ヘリコプター・ペアレント!? って言葉を初めてしった! Helicopter · Parent! Is it? I told you the first time for words!


One of the big goal of the activities of the Stupid Kids Association

I want to eradicate ‘Monster Parent’ for short

There is a grand theme of being.
※ Even if it is impossible to control it, I want to suppress it, wow with your fool power

Meanwhile, the other day I got to know the new generic “troublesome parents” I knew …

Helicopter · Parent www

What’s this! It is! It is! I was surprised so I tried it. Then …









Have you heard the word “helicopter · parent”?

In 1990, an American doctor Foster Klein was born in the book “Parenting Affection and Logic – Teaching Children Responsibilities” and already it is becoming a social problem in the United States That’s right.

A helicopter · parent is a parent who wishes to constantly turn around the child of an age that must be an adult, and as soon as a child has trouble, she is going to save the child .

This is exactly a typical example of a mother who can not be separated.

At the root, there is affection that I want to protect children, I do not want to hurt, but this is nothing but distorted affection.

If it is an early childhood, children are likely to explode with a feeling of stress under the circumstances that mothers are monitoring 24 hours for adolescents and adolescents, or if they do not have a parent I can not do anything, I will become a child who can not be independent.

Let’s give certain freedom to the child when it reaches a certain age.

Children, while having various dangers and temptations in their freedom, will be able to grow so that they can do with themselves as OK, from here on as NG.


This is another troublesome monster has been categorized w www

However, this is also a monpe, and as we are “parents”, I think that the possibility that it may become a similar troublesome monster is very much hidden.

So, as a countermeasure of this helicopter · parent, it seems that there is only “to wake himself!” Because he thinks he is not as bad as 1 mm.

だから恋人なんか連れてきた日には露骨に機嫌が悪くなるのも特徴の一つなんだってwww 確かにいるいる「恋人親子」とか言われて勘違いしちゃってる親www
It seems that this helicopter · parent is often misunderstood about a child as “ownership” of herself, and it is common for parents and children to say that parents always wander around and always have their decision right in parents It seems that it is more troublesome as it recognizes it.
So on the day we brought a boyfriend something wrong with blatantness is one of the characteristics is also www www certainly “parents lover” is said to be misunderstood parents w www

And the situation where this helicopter · parent is not able to be separated is severe, and the child whose parents became gloomy anyhow became to give top priority to leaving the parents home at the time of entering the university and finding employment, anyway, a place far from the parents, eyes It tends to escape to a place out of reach.

However, doing so, if the child side realizes “If you are in this parent, it is serious indeed for me (future) seriously!” If you are a child raising in action, I think there is still salvation, but in reality the parent always wanders around The child who turned out to be a college student thought that taking care of it was a matter of course was not serious!
It is natural for parents to decide employment place or decide to join employment interview www www www

Extreme story, “Children who can not do anything parents have to decide” will try to drop in society.

It is decided to get hurt big w w w

Well, this is my first helicopter · parent,
Unlike Montpe, there are few cases to put complaints in schools and public places, it is just a parent that intervenes too much in child’s growth and behavior,
As a result, it seems that there is a large commonality in the part “becoming a barrier to independence of children”.

That way, the eldest daughter of Kaito also becomes an elementary school student from this spring.
If you thought that you would grow and grow forever as I expected it would be a big mistake.
In accordance with the stage of growth, I can boost my child’s independence, I gradually thought that I could not grow as I could become such a parent.

Well, are you okay? Is it? Www



Is not it a montp reserve army? Www

Is not it a helicopter reserve army? Www


Or already …

Have a Mompe & Hellipe ‘s stamen in it

Please swing by looking at people.





ある日、愛娘のおばかな顔やポーズを撮影し始めた事がきっかけで、子供のおばかな瞬間写真の虜になる。 そして、世に溢れる子供の写真が全て「おばかキッズフォト」だらけになったら世界平和も実現可能ではないかという全く根拠のない自信と、強い信念の元に「日本おばかキッズ協会」設立を決意する! 好きな言葉は「エッチ、スケッチ、サンドイッチ〜♬」好きなドラマは「あばれはっちゃく」理想の人は「ジャイアン」